Get Free Services With The New Loyalty Card!

Hello! Many of you are now using your loyalty cards and racking up your points! But, if you don't have any stamps on your card you may be wondering how this whole thing works. If you have a loyalty card you should also have a larger rewards program information card with it. I'm going to break down what it all means here, so you can start getting stamps every visit and start collecting rewards!!

First lets talk about your loyalty card. You should bring this with you every visit so I can make sure to give you your earned stamps at check out. If you have a hard time remembering to bring it, you can keep it at the studio in my file box! So, how do you get points? Well, keep in mind this isn't just a punch card to get at every visit, rather its a rewards program that rewards you for doing certain things; clients who do more get rewarded!!

You will earn 1 point for doing certain things such as:

*spend $35 in retail per visit (includes sale items and can be used with coupons!)

*Get an Olaplex Hair Treatment (Have you gotten one yet? Your hair will feel so good!)

*Book an appointment online (or reschedule an appointment online if you prebooked)

*Subscribe to my website to receive a monthly newsletter (a pop up box will appear as soon as you go to my site. fill in your info there)

*Follow me on Face Book and leave me a review (once a year, if you already left me a review more than a year ago, would you mind saying something new you like? I appreciate all reviews so much!)

*Face Book check In (check in while you are at the studio before you leave)

*Face Book Post and Tag (Post a pic of your hair on your feed and tag me in it)

So lets do a scenario so you can see how easy it is to get points every visit:

Susie goes to my online booking page and books an appointment. While she's on my site she subscribes to make sure she gets my monthly newsletters. On her appointment day she comes in and receives an olaplex treatment, a French Cut and Balayage. While her hair is processing she checks in to Face Book to let her friends know shes getting some hair tlc with me. After her fabulous french blow dry, but before checking out, she picks up the shampoo and conditioner that I recommended. Susie leaves loving her hair and when she goes home she takes a selfie and has a friend take a pic of the back of her hair (cause, well, you know selfies are hard to get right sometimes!) She posts one of her pictures to her Face Book feed and tags me in it. She makes sure she is following my Face Book Page and leaves me a review.

Susie just earned 7 points on her loyalty card!! See how easy it is to get points each and every visit?! Do you have to do all these things every time? No, but the more you do, the more points you get and the faster you'll get your reward!

So what's the reward? Well the nice thing about this program is you get to choose your own reward! Once you collect 25 points you can choose one of the rewards that fits you best. Choose from:

*$25 dollar credit towards your next service

*Free Brow Tint and Full Service Brow Wax ($35 value)

*Free Olaplex Hair Treatment ($35 value)

*Free Face Framing Balayage

I hope this gets you excited to start using your Loyalty Card! If you have any questions you can always ask me about it at your next appointment. I cant wait to see you in the studio again so I can start stamping your card!!

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