New Year, New Hair Goals

Oh February! Who else is tired of the cold yet? Around this time of the year I start feeling like I need to shake things up and do something different. So i changed my hair color! I'm no longer blond but a dark chocolate red with rose gold ends. I love it!

You’re probably feeling the itch to change things up too. That’s why this time of year I really kick it into gear and take classes that I think will really benefit my clients’s hair and upgrade their experience with me. I just took an amazing styling class in milwaukee! You know how I always talk about your face shape and features before cutting your hair? Well now I know how to blow out your hair and style it to enhance your best features as well! Your going to love it!! This class was taught by Mitchell Cantrell. He came from LA to teach us how he styles hair on set and for red carpet events. You know how when you see actresses hair at events and it’s perfectly styled and has great volume that doesn’t go flat? Well now I know some secrets so you can look the same!! Here’s some pics of me at class👇 

And what about my curly hair girls who don’t want a blow out? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! TRE Beauty Studio will be hosting Ouidad, a nationally famous curly hair company to teach us the ins and outs of curly hair and how to style it properly for beautiful natural curls. This class will be at the end of the month and I’m sooo excited for it! This class is just for Hairstylists but clients get to reap all the benifits! Take a peek at what Ouidad is about: 

I have more classes I’m taking in March and April too! I’m excited and amped up to do your hair! Can’t wait to see you at the studio!!

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