Wow! It’s 2018!!!

Wow! Another year has flown by!!

January is a special month for me because it’s mine and my husbands wedding anniversary!! This year we will be celebrating 10 years in Colorado snowboarding in the mountains! I’m so excited, because I’ve never been on a real mountain before. Fun fact about me: my hubby and I have been snowboarding since grade school and we go every year around our anniversary. We usually go to local ski hills in the area, but this year were going to the Rockies! What do you like to do for fun with your loved ones when it’s cold out?

Speaking of fun, I’m doing a give away this month!! I’m giving away 10$ off your next appointment, here’s how to play:

1: answer my question above (at the end of the first paragraph) in the comments section. 

2: share this blog with your friends. I don’t care how, you can share the link to this page via any social media, email or texting.

3: ask your friends to comment by answering the same question and then put your name at the end of thier comment in parentheses. (This way I know you were the one who shared with them)

That’s it!!! When I see that your friend put your name after thier comment, I’ll know to give you $10 off your next appointment! 

The more friends you have comment with your name, the more $ you’ll receive towards your next appointment!!!

I hope you have a super fun January! 

Speaking of fun take a look at this pic from this years girls day part 2👇we were doing an at home spa day with face masks. 

Here’s me Seth and a bunch of friends snowboarding at Wilmont 2 winters ago:

#giveaways #discounts

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