2017 is Almost Over!

It’s winter!! I’ve put on my boots, scarf, and winter coat. I even pulled out my gloves. It’s time for the long stretch of coldness! Ugh! But even though we’ll be trenching through the snow soon, I know this time of year many of you will be spending quality time with your family and enjoying your own unique traditions that are special to you. My family has our own tradition that we do around this time of year. My sisters, mom and I pick a day we’re all off of work and have a “girls day” it’s a day we’re we spend the whole day together and just have fun! This year (per some clients’s recommendation) we’re going to a cooking class at Jack Andrea’s here in town. We’re going to eat yummy food and sip wine while we watch and learn how to cook some new dishes. I can’t wait!! I’ll post some pictures that day on The French Hairstylist Facebook page, so be sure you’re following me! 

Last year we did a spa day at Bodywise wellness & spa here in town. We walked around in robes, drank fruit infused water and got massages and treatments. It was sooo relaxing! Speaking of Bodywise, did you know I teach Pop Pilates classes there on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings? What’s Pop Pilates? Well, simply put it’s a group fitness class that uses Pilates inspired moves to the beat of pop music! It’s for all ages and fitness levels. If you want to learn more about it click the link in my “about” me page here on my site.  

Well as you can see I love supporting small businesses in town, and I think kenosha has some really great gems! What are some of your favorite local shops? I always love new recommendations! 

I hope you have a safe, happy, fun December. And if you feel like you ate to much and want to get active again come join me at Pop Pilates class!!

Here’s me trying to model my new pilates outfit so I can teach in style! Haha! I am no good at selfies but I like this pic because you can see my hubby in the back playing his guitar!

This is POP Pilates motto. It’s all about good vibes only. And that starts with how you see your self. There is No body comparison in class! It’s all about having fun, loving our bodies, and working on being healthy one day at a time!

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